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Wick Students


Aleesia McKinney is a freshman with majors in English and entrepreneurship.

Her favorite poetry book is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

don’t linger around
an unlit flame
a fire you can’t read by
or keep you warm

it seems so simple,
but when you
can’t see
the downpour of rain
who could blame you;
waiting for the spark?


Alice Vermillion is a senior English major and writing minor.

Her favorite poetry book is The Taxidermist's Cut by Rajiv Mohabir.

Creating Our Galapagos

There is a sound when we shatter,
reminiscent of a gong, that rushes through the
infundibulum to where our collective
consciousness is stored, and it captivates
every sense like a compilation of close calls




Allison Fox is a junior english major and creative writing minor

Her favorite poetry book is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

They wonder
why it is a flower
so gentle,
and inviting
chooses to grow in a garden
of thorns.

But you can’t have the beauty of the petal
without strength of the dirt.



Callan Latham is a high school senior. 

Her favorite poem is Like a Good Woman by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza.

Head Under Heart

You called it love
when you cut my heart
from my chest
and put it where my
brain should be.



Carrie George is a senior journalism major and writing minor.

Her favorite poem is Would You Rather by Ada Limón. 

More Monday’s From Now

debt in the alarm clock sound
comes with dissonance in the coffee

round-faced mug open to truth and reason
of rain of drops left on the edge

of the window and no birds sing
song today not on this morning.

no blue-jay no burnt-bellied robin
trilling its octaves its loud melody

branches creak against wind
rhythm drums alongside home’s outside shell

warning in the weather and
on this morning we all fall back


Hannah Jones is a senior psychology major.

Her favorite poem is Le Bestiare Incertain by Claude Roy

I'm a bumblebee red I'm tuna fish grinch stripey.
You make me tie my face in a green boat.
Enough of this two tone envy sad I've had.
Forget my own maraschino cherries.
Not a single ear.
That's how I like it.


Mariah Hicks is a senior journalism major and creative writing minor.

Her favorite poetry book is A Psalm For Us by Reyna Biddy.

The Blank Ceiling

When you look up,
Do you see the heavens?
Do you see God there?
Do you look up often?
Do you lack faith often?


Sony Ton-Aime is the current fellow at Wick. This is his third year as an MFA candidate in the NEOMFA program at Kent.

His favorite poetry book is Omeros by Derek Walcott.

Solo Waltz

Under the roof built by the man
whose labor deprived 
her mother of her ovaries,

she survived a husband
in full womanhood,
welding jewels in dirt

braiding pubic hair
in snaky lines
every morning, just in case,

Valerie Royzman is a junior journalism major.

Her favorite poetry book is Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón.

I memorize the eyes, hear the stories, smile,
weep after I leave the interview.
I bleed rain, write wilted roses.
For me,
saving the world is impossible.
I tread spilled-ink mountains anyway.
I offer ears, intertwined fingers. Anyway.


Willow Campbell is a sophomore digital media production major and creative writing minor.

Her favorite poem is December: Revisiting My Old Isolation Room by Franz Wright.

Light gives from the neon glinting eyes of mystics,
who with arms like ancient stories and tender rhymes 
lull and rock the world to sleep.