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Leadership Tuscarawas

2019-2020 Leadership Tuscarawas Signature Program Application
Youth Leadership Programs in Tuscarawas County 
In 2002, an adult leadership program for Tuscarawas County was formed through the efforts of the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce and Kent State University at Tuscarawas.

The purpose of Leadership Tuscarawas is to develop passionate, visionary leaders to strengthen the community.  Participants from across the county complete the Leadership Tuscarawas program.  Members of the class meet for a full day once a month, August through May. 

The program begins with an overnight retreat where members meet one another, utilize team building techniques and explore their personal leadership and communication styles.  The class then takes a day long bus tour of the county and is introduced to the many issues facing our community.

Interactive sessions are held at various locations throughout the program year and targets skills and issues such as problem solving, conflict management, community trusteeship, education and economic development.  The wide range of topics discussed enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of the county and it's many challenges and opportunities.  Leadership Tuscarawas also heightens awareness of the diverse organizations working in the county, fosters leadership skills and development, and provides the opportunity for networking and interacting with other community leaders.

Each class is required to complete a community project that is presented at our graduation ceremony, held in May.