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About Us

The Mission of the Department of Recreational Services

We foster a lifelong commitment to health and wellness for all of the people we serve through exceptional programs, learning opportunities, services and facilities.

The Vision of the Department of Recreational Services

The Department of Recreational Services, utilizing innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment, seeks to enhance the balance between academic experiences and healthy lifestyles. By engaging the university community, we will pave the way for social opportunities that promote personal growth, integrity and pride.

The Department of Recreational Services will be a leader in the field of campus recreation by creating a safe, secure and fun environment to meet the needs of the campus and community; by reaching out to our patrons and their families by creating an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and welcome; by providing growth prospects through expanded facilities and programs that meet the needs of future students, staff and community members.

Our Facilities and Locations

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

1550 Ted Boyd Drive
Kent, OH 44242

Phone: 330-672-4732
Fax: 330-672-4272
Email: recservices@kent.edu

Kent State Ice Arena

650 Loop Road
Kent, OH 44242

Phone: 330-672-7465
Fax: 330-672-7734
Email: icearena@kent.edu

Allerton Sports Complex

1565 Campus Center Drive
Kent, OH 44242 

Phone: 330-677-4315

Crooked River Adventures 

100 Stow Street
Kent, OH 44240

Phone: 330-541-7467
Email: crookedriver@kent.edu

Student Recreation Fields and Pavilion 

1575 Johnston Drive
Kent, OH 44242



Tri-Towers Rotunda 
Kent, OH 44243