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Design Thinking Integrated Education Institute

July 10-23, 2017 
The School of Art's Art Education program is proud to present The Design Thinking Integrated Education Institute, a two-week intensive course for individuals or teams of educators of early childhood through higher education.  This hybrid course is predominantly online with a three-day studio experience on campus in Architecture, Fashion, and Visual Communication Design (VCD). Participants will develop integrated curriculum using design thinking strategies, research methods, and materials that are appropriate for all disciplines and all levels of education. The overarching goal is to guide participants through the creation of curriculum to use in their schools with student teams.
Director: Robin Vande Zande, PhD, Professor
With generous support from Burton D. Morgan Foundation, the fee has been substantially reduced for participants. There are two selections. Participants may take this as a 4-credit graduate course OR as a 10 CEU workshop. There is a different fee for the two options.
Cost for each participant is $450.
• Fee includes 3 nights housing in a Kent State dorm, 3 lunches and 2 dinners, materials, parking, and some instructor and processing fees. Everyone will pay this fee.
 • Participants will earn 10 CEUs upon satisfactory completion of the work.
Optional Additional cost for graduate credits: $505/ credit with a total of $2020
• If the participant wants to get graduate credit, they will add this amount for 4 credits (instead of CEUs), that may be earned upon satisfactory completion of the work.
Register Here
Or call 330-672-3100 to request a registration form.
For questions, contact Robin Vande Zande, or (330) 672-7866.
The Institute consists of five parts. The first 3 components are worth 3 graduate credits or 7.5 CEUs. The last component is worth 1 graduate credit or 2.5 CEUs:
Fundamentals: July 10-13. Start with 4 days (20 hours) of online instruction and discussion leading participants through common elements in design education: working in teams, integrating through the design process across discipline areas, identifying human values as they relate to everyday objects, and teaching strategies.
Studio: July 13-16. Participants will travel to the KSU campus Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon for 25 hours of studio instruction. Studio classes will be held in the technology labs of architecture, fashion, and visual communication design. Participants will work with tools and techniques ranging from 3D Modeling software and printing, laser cutting, and digital fabric printing.
Application: July 17-23. Continue with 7 days (35 hours) of online instruction and discussion about the skills of creativity, adaptability, collaboration, problem solving, and communication. We will apply mindful behaviors of listening/responding, empathy, participatory research, storytelling, and reflecting teams. School teams or individual participants will address a design challenge by using design thinking and the design process of defining, researching, brainstorming or ideating, prototyping, presenting or testing, and reflective practice. 
Implementation: The final 1 credit (30 hours) portion of the course will take part during the academic year when the educators implement the techniques, skills, and concepts of design thinking in lessons for their students. They will create student teams that use design thinking toward the development of innovative products, strategic plans, improvements to the school or community environment, or other identified issues. The student teams will present their design solutions to the KSU LaunchNET staff for feedback and guidance.
Research: As the teachers are teaching the design thinking lessons, researchers from the Science of Learning and Education (SOLE) department will observe and study the student learning. An essential part of this initiative is to show that what was taught and learned during the Institute was effective and leads to new
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